Bright and early last Friday, our dedicated Greens Committee members and Greenkeepers were bubbling with excitement as they eagerly anticipated the arrival of a remarkable new addition to our club – the Toro Greensmaster 3420D Triflex Hybrid Mower.

When it comes to the greens, these mowers are true game changers, all thanks to their unique Flex suspension. This feature ensures that the mower smoothly navigates over any bumps and contours, resulting in a flawless, top-notch cut.

Maintenance is now super easy with quick-change cutting units. They can be serviced faster, and there’s even a lift-gate footrest for easy access to the centre cutting unit.

Good news – we won’t have to worry about hydraulic leaks anymore. These mowers use electricity to power the cutting parts, so no more messy leaks. Plus, they’ve got plenty of power for all sorts of cutting jobs.

These mowers operate with improved fuel efficiency, translating to long-term cost savings. Their outstanding performance even earned them Toro’s prestigious EnergySmart label.