In a spirited display of holiday camaraderie, the ladies graced the golf course this morning adorned in festive Christmas jumpers, marking a merry occasion filled with competition and goodwill. The focal point of the event? A lively contest for the prestigious title of Best Dressed Golf Bag.

In a closely-watched battle of style, Rita Collins emerged triumphant, securing the coveted title of Best Dressed Golf Bag, while the runner-up spot was claimed by the equally fashion-forward Penny Cope.

Breaking away from the traditional fairway pursuits, Georgina opted for an unconventional twist by swapping her golf clubs for a fishing rod (see photo), demonstrating a unique holiday spirit by chasing fish instead of birdies. A playful departure that added an extra splash of humour to the festivities.

The day wasn’t just about fashion and leisure, as the ladies combined their love for the game with a noble cause. The event successfully raised funds for Save the Children, adding a heartwarming touch to the festivities.

In the end, it was a great round for the ladies, both on and off the course, as they showcased sportsmanship, style, and generosity this festive season.