Steven Watkins Gwyn Tibbs, a true champion, clinched victory with an impressive 36 points. Peter Turton took home the B and H Shield with 37 points – talk about close competition!

Steve Watkins and Chris Smith proudly share the title of Joint Winners of the prestigious Mick Gillette Summer League Memorial Award.

They also had the honor of participating in the epic showdown between the Captain and Vice Captain’s teams, featuring the best from the Sunday players. And the verdict? A triumphant win for the Captain’s team, boasting 225 points, over the Vice Captain’s 206 points.

Let’s not forget to extend a warm welcome to our new Captain, Adrian Palmer. The Rabbits are looking forward to an amazing year under his leadership so best of luck, Adrian.

¬†Last but not least, the Rabbits want to express their heartfelt gratitude to all of you for the incredible support over the past 12 months. This journey has been truly unforgettable, and we couldn’t have achieved it without your unwavering support.