The Tenby Rabbits, catering to gentlemen with handicaps of 11.8 or above, have concluded their 60th Winter League season. In a nail-biting finish to the 20-week-long ‘8 best scores’ contest, newcomer Robin Bradbury emerged victorious, despite his absence during the final week due to travel commitments in France. Bradbury’s remarkable performance, securing 295 points, proved sufficient to fend off close competition from Chas Harrison, Peter Turton, Paul Davies, and Chris Portwood, who trailed closely behind with scores of 293 and 292 respectively.

Paul Davies distinguished himself by winning the Gross Eclectic with a score of 60, while John Ball celebrated his third victory in five years in the Stableford Eclectic category, amassing an impressive 67 points.

Reflecting on the illustrious history of the Rabbits, the inaugural champions in 1963/64, Ken May and schoolboy Steve Sutcliffe, continue to inspire. Sutcliffe, now a revered Club Captain since 1973/74, maintains a commendable 8.2 handicap.

Amidst poor weather conditions during Storm Kathleen, the Rabbits recently competed in their annual medal competition, attracting five past Rabbit Captains. Vice-Captain Nick Goode clinched the Joe S Williams Shield for the best gross round with an impressive 87, while Steve Cole secured the Duffy Cup for the best net score, posting a commendable 3 over par 74. Cole’s victory marked a poignant repetition of his earlier triumph in 1998 when he secured the Duffy Cup with a net 67.

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(Pictured above from left to right: Robin Bradbury, Nick Goode, Adrian Palmer (Rabbit Captain), Steve Cole, Paul Davies, John Ball)