Jemma Nand-Lal, the emerging golf sensation from Tenby, continued her remarkable season by securing victory in the highly coveted Ladies Scratch Knockout at Tenby Golf Club’s recent Finals Day.

The talented teenager, who had previously claimed the crown in 2022, added another feather to her cap by clinching this year’s Scratch trophy. Jemma’s journey to victory was nothing short of extraordinary, as she faced off against the formidable Holly Watkins in a nail-biting 36-hole match at the picturesque Pembrokeshire links course.

Despite trailing 1 down after the morning’s intense 18 holes, and with the match never having more than a couple of holes in it, Jemma remained undeterred by the challenging conditions. With unwavering determination, she turned the tide of the game by birdie-ing the 34th and 35th holes, ultimately walking away as a worthy 2&1 winner. The Ladies County Captain, who had witnessed the thrilling showdown, couldn’t help but commend Jemma’s exceptional short game, stating, “Jemma, your short game was of an impeccable standard.”

But the Nand-Lal family’s triumphant day didn’t stop there. Jemma’s younger brother, Joseph, also made his mark on the season finale by clinching the Men’s Handicap Davis Cup Knockout Final. In a closely contested battle, Joseph emerged victorious with a 1-up victory over Robert Willcox, showcasing the family’s undeniable golfing prowess.

The Nand-Lal siblings’ stellar performances are a testament to their dedication and talent, setting a high standard for aspiring golfers in Tenby and beyond. As they bask in the glory of their achievements, the golfing community eagerly anticipates what the future holds for these exceptional young talents.

Photo Caption: Holly Watkins and Jemma Nand-Lal, right, pictured by the first tee at Tenby Golf Club.