Austin Davies

About Austin

Austin plays a significant role on the Board of Directors at Tenby Golf Club, focusing on overseeing the delivery of hospitality services. Integral to the club’s redevelopment initiative, he spearheads the construction project as its lead representative. His multifaceted role entails planning, overseeing the tender process, selecting contractors, and ensuring seamless project delivery.

Background and History

Drawing on his background in construction quantity surveying, Austin has assumed the mantle of Managing Director at the esteemed local enterprise South Haven Construction since 1985. Throughout the span of the last thirty-seven years, the company has effectively constructed over 2000 residences, catering to both Housing Associations and private developments. Additionally, the company’s expertise has extended to encompass pivotal projects such as hospital extensions, the award-winning St. David’s Primary school that secured the eisteddfod Gold Medal, the Milford Haven health clinic, the Tenby ambulance station, and the development of four expansive properties surrounding the Milford Haven Marina—namely, Agamemnon, Sovereign, Vanguard, and Orion Houses.

Leading up to his retirement, Austin shouldered a comprehensive array of responsibilities encompassing every facet of accounting and financial management within the company. He adeptly supervised the quantity surveying operations alongside the company’s dedicated QS, and played a pivotal role in project management for various contracts.

Before embarking on his primary tenure at South Haven, Austin amassed valuable experience by contributing his expertise to numerous architectural firms, quantity surveyors, and main contractors. He played a significant role in construction projects across the United Kingdom and overseas. 

Favourite Drink
Bombay Sapphire and Schweppes tonic 

Top Tip for playing Tenby Golf Club
Avoid the rough!

Diana Dredge

About Diana

Diana joined the Board of Tenby Golf Club as one of its most recent members, securing her position through election in October of 2022.

Taking on the role of Marketing Chair, Diana is tasked with overseeing the strategic positioning and development of Tenby Golf Club’s brand. Her duties encompass a broad spectrum of responsibilities, including the management of the club’s marketing initiatives, implementation of training programmes, communication strategies, media relations, and providing guidance on pricing strategies, enhancing customer experience, and gathering feedback. In her capacity, she collaborates with various departments such as Golf Management, Hospitality, Member Services, Greenkeeping, and the Tenby Golf Foundation.

Expressing her enthusiasm, Diana remarked, “Embarking on this invigorating endeavour is both thrilling and motivating. As the oldest golf club in Wales, Tenby Golf Club holds a remarkable prospect to craft a vibrant and promising future.”

Background and History 

Diana’s background is Marketing and Sales with one of the world’s leading premium drinks companies – Diageo. She dedicated 23 years to this company, progressing through a diverse array of roles, ascending from the position of Brand Manager to eventually attaining Director-level responsibilities. Her career path took her across the globe, from Park Royal London to distant destinations like Cameroon in West Africa, the USA, Australia, South Korea, and various parts of Europe.

Within Diageo, Diana’s scope encompassed a wide spectrum of functions, including brand marketing, trade marketing, customer marketing, sales capability enhancement, and leadership in global training initiatives.

In 2011, Diana’s trajectory led her to Pembrokeshire, where she and her husband Charles sought to embrace the joys of the ‘good life’ after an appearance on the BBC’s ‘Escape to the Country’. They established a 12-acre smallholding, nurturing a penchant for crafting homemade wines, infusing gins with unique flavours, and indulging in the art of making jams and cakes. This also acquainted her with the intricacies of cat care and the art of horticulture.

A central role emerged for Diana in 2017 as a co-founder of the uplifting event, “The Big Retreat Wales,” held in Lawrenny. In addition to contributing to brand positioning and marketing efforts, Diana orchestrated engaging gin and rum workshops, aimed at enhancing participants’ understanding of these categories and helping them identify their personal favourites.

Diana’s exploration into new horizons also led her to embark on a golfing journey in 2018, spurred by Tenby Golf Club’s ‘New2Golf’ program. Her dedication to the sport grew, supported by newfound friendships. Reflecting on this experience, Diana emphasises, “Golf is more than just a sport; it’s a community, a source of enjoyment, and a network of support that has enriched my life immeasurably.”

Top Tip for Playing Tenby
It’s further than you think!

Favourite Drink
Tanqueray 10 strawberry & basil martini

Gethin Evans

About Gethin

Serving as a valued member of the Board of Directors at Tenby Golf Club, Gethin’s responsibilities encompass all aspects pertaining to Membership. This includes skilfully managing relationships, overseeing recruitment, ensuring satisfaction, and more.

In the latter part of 2015 through 2016, Gethin held the position of Captain at Tenby Golf Club. His proficiency in both English and Welsh further augments the club’s communication prowess, adding a valuable dimension to its outreach efforts.

In 2015, he concluded a distinguished and prosperous career in the Pharmaceutical Industry, excelling in roles as both a Medical Representative and a Regional Business Manager. Throughout his tenure, he fostered enduring relationships with esteemed Key Opinion Leaders and Stakeholders across various echelons of the National Health Service (N.H.S.). His extensive expertise encompasses the inner workings of Local Health Boards (L.H.B.), Trusts, and National level operations.

Background and History

Operating as a Regional Business Manager for a succession of prominent entities including Aventis, Sanofi, Sanofi Aventis, and Ashfield Healthcare, Gethin exhibited a distinctive acumen. His responsibilities encompassed managing intricate interactions with substantial multinational pharmaceutical enterprises. In tandem, he adeptly orchestrated the recruitment, training, coaching, and advancement of his dynamic team of 10 to 12 representatives. Gethin’s prowess was acknowledged with the coveted title of Regional Manager of the year in 2004, a distinction earned through remarkable sales achievements and exponential growth. Throughout this period, he commanded an impressive product sales turnover exceeding £20 million.

An avid sports enthusiast, Gethin has demonstrated prowess on both the rugby and cricket fields, achieving distinction at county and senior club levels. Presently, his athletic focus lies in the realm of golf, a testament to his ongoing passion for sporting endeavours.

Favourite Drink
I do like a drop of wine, in particular Sauvignon Blanc and Argentinian Red Malbec.

Top Tip for playing Tenby Golf Club
Keep it on the fairway and out of the rough particularly in Summer.

Nick Gregg

About Nick

Nick assumes the role of Chair within Tenby Golf Club’s Board of Directors, where his expertise lies in finance. As Chair he presides over the entirety of the club’s financial, operational and governance facets. Furthermore, he spearheads the ongoing redevelopment initiative, drawing upon his extensive background in substantial infrastructure projects to enrich the team’s capabilities.

Background & History

For the last 8 years, Nick’s journey led him to the board of Johnson Service Group plc, assuming the current role of a Non-Executive Director for this dynamic Linen and Workwear Services entity listed on the UK FTSE. Building on this, he extended his impact by joining the board of Transport for Wales in September 2017, where his leadership as Independent Chair and Non-Executive Director further enriched the organisation’s development and growth journey. 

Nick amassed a wealth of experience in his executive career, collaborating with both public and private sector enterprises over the last 40 years.

Starting his working life at Mobil Oil Company in the 1980s, he progressed quickly through the commercial side of the organisation to become UK Managing Director in 1999. After leaving Mobil, Nick moved into the business services market and worked on several turnaround and growth business opportunities as MD of companies such as CHEP, the “blue” pallet company, ATS (Euromaster) the tyre business and Biffa Waste Services.

In 2011, he became MD of Amey PLC’s UK Government services division, delivering outsourced and major multimillion development projects for Local Government.

Nick has gained a great wealth of experience in business management, leadership and growth over the last 40 years which he is now bringing to Tenby Golf Club as it moves into its next exciting chapter of its long life…

“I am delighted to be able to lead on the redevelopment and future strategy of Tenby Golf Club The vision we have developed for the club will ensure its future success for generations to come and it has been a real privilege to lead this with such a strong team. Tenby Golf Club will soon enter a new phase in its already long journey, and it is exciting to be able to bring “championship” class hospitality to a club with an already championship golf course and add further to the great history of the club and to Tenby as a location”. 

As well as his passion for golf, Nick has had a long-established love for music, and has played drums and percussion in several successful bands since he was 11 years old. He is a passionate sports fan as well, with rugby being one of his favourite games.

Favourite Drink
A dark, robust red wine.

Top Tip for Playing Tenby Golf Club
Pick a calm day.

David Hancock

About David

David serves as the Company Secretary at Tenby Golf Club. Furthermore, he holds positions within the Finance, Greens, and Marketing committees, actively participating in any other Club committees in an advisory capacity. With an extensive breadth of knowledge in Golf Club management, he covers all facets of the business. On behalf of the Board, he oversees the day-to-day operations and management of the Club, which encompasses staff management, HR, PR, finance, communication, networking, legislation, administration, and financial inquiries.

Additionally, David takes charge of specific projects and Club policies as needed. This includes tasks such as handling funding applications, governance, committee restructuring, ensuring equality, managing GDPR compliance, safeguarding, addressing grievances, and formulating Covid-related policies.

Background and History

Having been a devoted member of the Golf Club Managers Association (GCMA), David has taken on diverse responsibilities within the committee, including serving as the Welsh Regional Captain/Chair. Alongside his two decades of experience as a Golf Club Secretary/Manager, he has earned certification in GCMA Golf Club Administration, a diploma from the Club Managers of Europe (CMA), Wales Golf referee/rules qualifications, and has diligently pursued specialized training in golf management.

Following his departure from a North London college in 1982, he embarked on a journey in the entertainment industry, working as a sound and lighting engineer in various theatres and venues across the UK. His career path led him to assume the role of Production Manager at a prominent Dinner/Theatre venue in Berkshire when he was just 23. In 1989, he transitioned to BT, initially as a remote testing/diagnostic engineer before enrolling in BT’s Management Development program.

During his tenure at BT, David effectively oversaw multiple technical support service centres and customer complaints departments. He also played pivotal roles, serving as a specific technical support account manager for clients in sectors such as banking, commerce, and NHS Wales. In 2002, he departed from BT shortly before embracing his role at Tenby Golf Club, where he holds the distinction of being the longest-serving permanent full-time Club Secretary in the club’s 133-year history.

Favourite Drink
Bovril/Horlicks/Nettle Tea. If not available – Red Wine – preferably a full-bodied fruity Italian!

Top Tip for playing at Tenby Golf Club
A large full bodied fruity Italian! If that doesn’t work, know where your bad/bail out shots are likely to go as well as your good/straight ones.

Neil Thomas

About Neil

Neil is currently a member of the Board of Directors at Tenby Golf Club, taking on the position of Director, he assumes responsibility for overseeing the championship golf course and ensuring the impeccable standards of our top-class golf facilities.

Neil holds the title of former Captain at both Tenby Golf Club and South Pembrokeshire Golf Club.

Background & History

Commencing his journey with Lloyds Bank in 1980 at 17 years of age, Neil embarked on a remarkable trajectory that saw him ascend to the position of Area Mortgage Manager. Culminating his 34-year tenure with Lloyds in 2014, his final role was that of a dedicated Commercial Manager.

Following his departure from Lloyds, Neil transitioned to a sales role at NFU Mutual until 2018, subsequently embracing the position of Logistics Manager at Maxilla Packaging until his well-deserved retirement in 2020.

During his retirement, Neil dedicates a significant amount of his time collaborating with the club and the Greens staff. His efforts are instrumental in upholding Tenby Golf Course’s impeccable condition, consistently upholding its  status as one of Wales’s premier golfing destinations.

Favourite Drink
Pint of Birra Moretti

Top Tip for playing Tenby Golf Club
Keep your ball out of the rough!